Skipjack Corporation without doubt is working tireless the past few months. In a very short space, we’ve seen lot of progress in their ecosystem. However, Zetanet token recently got listed and now open for trades in China market.

Bobi exchanger is a Chinese crypto trading platform that lets you trade cryptocurrency and Zetanet token is not left out. This market can be accessible from any part of the globe because it trades crypto which is a universal currency.

At the moment, you can trade Zetanet token on bobi exchanger for usdt (ZTN/USDT) pair which you can withdraw to your wallet or convert to bitcoin or any fiat currency which includes PayPal, wepay, Alipay, Webmoney and Bank Card.

Getting started with Exchanger…

  1. Register an account with
  2. On the registration field, select your country number, insert phone number and verify capther, then on the “Enter verification code” field, click send button. Code will be sent on your mobile line, so insert the code in the field to verify your phone number.
  3. Once phone number is verified, insert password and also invitation code, use the invitation code in quote, “Vemx7V
  4. After you must have inserted the invitation code, click sign up.

After you must have signed up, sign in, click on the profile icon and precede to your account KYC verification.

It’s not mandatory, but necessary for security purpose. So I advise you verify your account. Very simply, just submits your ID card, front and back, then also upload a selfie of you holding your ID card as illustrated in the image above.

In my next guide, I’ll guide you through on how to trade Zetanet token on bobi exchanger, and how you can make profit trading.

At this moment, Zetanet token on the china market is traded at a low price, so it’s the best buy time as the value is expected to increase dramatically within few months, as known, china is a huge market. However, pre-ICO members have been advised to hold their token for at least 1year as per agreed terms.