Waves exchange is a hybrid crypto asset exchange that allows users to transfer, trade, issue, and stake crypto currencies. Exchange aims to offer fast and secure trading instruments, staking opportunities, low costs, an API, mobile applications, and access to major crypto assets and 30k+ tokens including Zetanet token on the Waves protocol.

Few weeks ago, Skipjack Corp listed their Zetanet token on Waves exchange and within short period after listing, it’s already had a significant increase on value. However, we noticed a huge spike in value after news on their discussion with Alibaba and Baidu for investment in Zetaspace project.

Another great news coming in just now (as of the date of publishing this post) reveals that Zetanet waves trading will be getting huge push from European investors and trade millions of dollars after February. I believe this is a strong buy signal in the market, so I’d advise you take advantage of this huge opportunity and get yourself some Zetanet token from wave’s exchange.

How to Buy Zetanet Token from Waves Exchange

As known, Waves exchange lets you trade across cryptos and tokens. So I’ll simply brief you through the process.

  1. Firstly, create an account on waves exchange from their official website https://waves.exchange/
  2. Once you’ve created an account, if you’ve mobile device (Android or iOS), I advise you download their mobile app.
  3. Setup your account and backup your passphrase, also enable 2FA for their mobile app.
  4. You can then deposit bitcoin, waves or ethereum on their exchange. If you deposited bitcoin or ethereum, then exchange for waves and then go to the trading section, select Zetanet/Waves market and purchase Zetanet token with waves.
  5. You can always do the reverse if you wish to cash out your Zetanet token to fiat.

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