Skipjack Corp is now preparing Zeta Space to be launch in Q1 2020. The launch of Zeta Space product will set to be in Singapore and number of computer ‘hardware distributors will be present.

What is Zeta Space actually?

Zeta Space is the new technology developed by Skipjack using Zetanet protocol to create the space nodes in the Zetanet internet 2 networks.

The zeta nodes will work similar what you see in blockchain nodes. The Zeta nodes will act as autonomous data storage by Jack’s Law algorithm concept. This allow all data will be stored in each Zeta nodes and work similar to blockchain ledger however Zeta Space is working similar to Google Drive ‘ Microsoft One Drive or Apple iCloud.

Estimate retail price of Zeta Space will be $0.75 for 100Gb per month versus iCloud drive at $2.99 for 200Gb per month. The Zeta Space is the next competitor in Cloud business.

Zeta Space is the autonomous data technology in Zetanet Internet 2 protocol. This first product created under arm of Zetanet Internet 2 project before the full fledge Zetanet Internet 2 launch by 2020/2021.

The estimate Skipjack net profit by end Q4 2020 in Zeta Space market will be $1.35 billion. However, all of this makes it the next disruptor to Google and Apple Cloud business.

You can start buy Zeta Space and become early users of Zeta Space in Q1 2020.

In Zeta Space we created a giveback program similar to employment program / reward program. You can earn your income by allow your mobile phone or desktop or laptop storage in Zeta Space and you will know as Zeta Keeper.

Being a Zeta Keeper

Imagine as Zeta Keeper you will work for Skipjack by automates the zeta space in your phone or computers and earn income. You can buy more storage drive for $40 for 100GB in market and stack it to earn income similar to Bitcoin Mining. So it is a new business and job we created and it will work similar how you earn income in bitcoin mining or as Uber driver. You can earn income as much as $500 to more than $5000 income a month by joining as Zeta Keeper next March 2020.

Zeta Space project is backed and issued by the new ZTN coin currency and traded in Bobi exchange in China. You can support this project by trading our currency and make a profit.

Let’s join the Zeta Space a new internet 2 project by Skipjack Corporation.