Recently, Skipjack Co-operation opened sales for their blockchain dime codenamed DMC. However, the DMC token is said to be a gateway for Skipjack to tap into the cryptocurrency market pool, exchange encrypt for crypto and vice versa.

Skipjack aims to hit over $20 billion revenue on ICO sales and this would make it the biggest crowd funding ever recorded. They plan to use part of these revenue on completing the development of the Zetanet aka Internet 2.0 and also facilitating requirements for development.

As known, the Zetanet Internet 2.0 project will change the way we use internet by 2021 and will improve financial transactions. This would make it the biggest project after 60years history of internet.

The DMC token would be a valuable asset just like the skipjack dime as it’s backed up by dime and won’t be affected by overall blockchain market, therefore, acquiring the skipjack DMC token will give users great returns especially in short space of time from pre-sales stage during ICO.

Well, company believe on the forecast that at the first few months, their token can rise from 50cent to $25 or $50 before December 2019 which is x50 to x100 returns on investment. This is good for investors supporting to buy DMC token now.

Skipjack’s DMC token will be on high demand as top media channels including Forbes would spread the thread. However, current SJK dime holders is also advised to acquire the Skipjack’s DMC token during pre-sale ICO to profit within a short term period, because after March 2019, DMC token would be listed on 3 top coin exchanges. There would also be an option to convert your SJK dimes to DMC token after March 2019 but conversion quota would be limited in other to regulate supply properly.

The growth of SJK dime itself also depends on the number of banks coming in as financial industries is their major target. As more banks apply to use the technology, there is a bigger market cap, high demand and plus the fact it’s backed up by underlying asset. This makes SJK dime a long term asset but DMC is for quick liquidity and profit speculated high.

Buy DMC token today and make great returns within short & long term as it’s backed up by SJK dime which makes it more valuable asset overtime and the fact it’s the internet 2.0 token.

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