On the 19th of December, 2018 marks the day Skipjack Cooperation launched its EncrypBlock technology in Indonesia. However, the event was sponsored by E-fortune exchanger and recognised as a very remarkable one because it’s timing was based on Fibonacci series.

During the event, Skipjack CEO, Sir Mike Irvan as keynote speaker presented the encrypblock and also discussed about the internet 2.0 aka Zetanet. He also made emphasis on the past technologies and discussed how the encrypblock and internet 2.0 could revolutionize financial technology.

After the speech by Sir Mike, we had an award ceremony presenting the Jack Rahman award, Jack award, best trader 2018, Best compliment trader and lots more. I advise you watch the video below as you listen to Sir Mike educate you about the encrypblock and Zetanet (internet 2.0).

Keynote of skipjack CEO

Posted by Skipjack EncrypCurrency on Wednesday, December 19, 2018