Encrypcurrency got the superencryp block technology during work through process, as cryptocurrencies got the blockchain technology. However, in the case encryption currency, a far more secured gateway is being altered.

Superencryp Block is the world’s new breakthrough leading software platform for digital assets, offering the most security production block chiper algorithm in the world. This is a new technology used to build a radically better, secure and fast financial system.

The software will revolutionize and empowered users in across the globe to transact more security, quickly and without costly. It also offers real time transaction data for users to analyse the digital economy.

How this works?

When “A” wants to send money to “B”, the transaction is represented online as a superencryp block. After this, then superencryp is broadcast to every dime in the network and those checkers in the FCN (Feistel Core Network) approve the transaction is valid by matching block. Finally, the superencryp can be added to the block, provides double security and transparent record before moving the money from “A” to “B” from FCN network. You can go through the pictorial description below.


“>#Break K into words # u = w / 8 c = ceiling( max(b, 1) / u ) # L is initially a c–‐length list of 0–‐valued w–‐length words for i = b- ‐1 down to 0 do: L[i/u] = (L[i/u] << 8) + K[i] # Initialize key–‐independent pseudorandom S array # S is initially a t=2(r+1) length list of undefined w–‐length words S[0] = P_w for i = 1 to t–‐1 do: S[i] = S[i–‐1] + Q_w# The main key scheduling loop i = j = 0 A = B = 0 do 3 * max(t, c) times: A = S[i] = (S[i] + A + B) <<< 3 B = L[j] = (L[j] + A + B) <<< (A + B) i = (i + 1) % t j = (j + 1) % c # return S
“>ΔY = S(X ⊕ ΔX) ⊕ S(X) (and ⊕ denotes exclusive or)

The derivative of a function f : F 2 n → F 2 n {\\displaystyle f:\\mathbb {F} _{2}^{n}\\to \\mathbb {F} _{2}^{n}} at a point α {\\displaystyle \\alpha }
Δ α f ( x ) := f ( x ⊕ α ) ⊕ f ( x ) {\\displaystyle \\Delta _{\\alpha }f(x):=f(x\\oplus \\alpha )\\oplus f(x)} .
Using this definition, the i {\\displaystyle i} -­th derivative at ( α 1 , α 2 , … , α i ) {\\displaystyle (\\alpha _{1},\\alpha _{2},\\dots ,\\alpha _{i})} can
recursively be defined as[
Δ α 1 , α 2 , … , α i ( i ) f ( x ) := Δ α i ( Δ α 1 , α 2 , … , α i − 1 i − 1 f ( x ) ) {\\displaystyle \\Delta _{\\alpha _{1},\\alpha _{2},\\dots ,\\alpha
_{i}}^{(i)}f(x):=\\Delta _{\\alpha _{i}}\\left(\\Delta _{\\alpha _{1},\\alpha _{2},\\dots ,\\alpha _{i-­1}}^{i-­1}f(x)\\right)} .
Thus for example Δ α 1 , α 2 ( 2 ) f ( x ) = f ( x ) ⊕ f ( x ⊕ α 1 ) ⊕ f ( x ⊕ α 2 ) ⊕ f ( x ⊕ α 1 ⊕ α 2 ) {\\displaystyle \\Delta _{\\alpha _{1},\\alpha
_{2}}^{(2)}f(x)=f(x)\\oplus f(x\\oplus \\alpha _{1})\\oplus f(x\\oplus \\alpha _{2})\\oplus f(x\\oplus \\alpha _{1}\\oplus \\alpha _{2})}


Superencryp Block Foundation (SEB) is a global collaboration skipjack network founded in 2018 by Carmen Group. Over 50,000 global urban influential are members, with the ability to build worth through leveraged collaboration. The group is supporting the new superencryp block which is faster than a blockchain.

Superencryp Block operates around three functions – Congress (places to collaborate), Knowledge Brokerage (consulting and deal services) and SkipJack, a global digital currency. Skipjack is the first privates encrypt currency to move into the financial markets in 2019 and is priced from a mix of commodities and currencies. Skipjack delivers unique singular global pricing, a great currency FX hedge and green DNA to help support more sustainable economies. Pricing is available from skipjack price Hub .Use the Skipjack app to exchange value in 11 local languages and across 150 countries.

Superencryp Block Foundation uses collaboration technology to drive value creation. Tools include Hubs with file sharing and wikis, and Knowledge Brokerage and Contracts for rapid deal-making. These tools support Congress Encryp Pavilions, cool places designed for meetings and networking. Congress Encryp Pavilions include amazing spaces, like beach clubs, clubhouses, and the Skip Republic, a future is land project in TEZ SmartCity 2030.

Membership to the Superencryp Block Network is free by invitation. Membership upgrades are available to use the Congress Encryp Pavilions and some areas of the platform, and these costs can be ‘earned’ by members who contribute knowledge to others.

Congress Encryp Pavillion

Congress Encryp Pavilion projects in key global cities enhance the mission of Superencryp Block to help drive deals and enhance consciousness. Congress Superencryp Block represents a breakthrough in sustainability, work efficiency, and community development by providing spaces that combine the virtual and physical in stunning formats.

Congress Pavilions create new types of interaction opportunities. They vary in size and operations, but all run on a sophisticated digital platform that includes a booking system, reservations, online store, proximity management, social media integration and more.

They offer a new way to work for the networked individual and forward thinking companies. They are a carbon winner – shortening commutes while aggregating resources. They build worth bycross-fertilizing ideas, companies and capital. They are a new type of innovation laboratory.

Knowledge Management

The combined knowledge of the network delivers vibrant opportunity for deal making. Hub Culture uses Knowledge Brokerage to tap into this resource for curated deal introductions and consulting services. Knowledge Brokerage is done at three levels: Exchange, Services, and Brokerage, Knowledge Contracts enable all members to quickly execute binding social contracts. At the brokerage level in the physical commodity and global wholesale sectors Superencryp Block Foundation is using Skipjack to bring stable global pricing, transparency and carbon inclusion to trades. Using Skipjack, privately invited participants using the Superencryp Block trading platform are able to realize consistent, on-going deal flow at a faster pace.