We are finally drawing close to the Encryptrade launch as Skipjack announces the release of their Mastercard which would be connected to the exchange and also ATM worldwide. However, the launch of Encryptrade would be on the 18th of August 2018.

The digital currency transactions will be conducted via four prominent of their Exchanges worldwide. For the first time, Skipjack Mastercard is offering the ability to send money over a superencryp Block rather than by swiping a credit card.

After developing their own version of the encrypcurrency technology over the past couple of years, that it is now opening up our encrypt cards to certain banks and merchants as an alternative—and potentially more efficient—method of paying for goods and services.

In a sign that mainstream adoption of the technology underpinning Encrypcurrency is increasing, Skipjack Mastercard is begin facilitating Encrypcurrency payments. Skipjack is also targeting cross-­border payments between businesses as the primary purpose for its Superencryp Block.

SkipjackBank to issue Mastercard

In other to prepare investors “Buy & Sell” including withdrawals, skipjack is launching its new Mastercard under “SkipjackBank”. Under this program Mastercard, you are entitle to receive Mastercard Series from Silver Mastercard to Black Mastercard and you must have minimum 300 SJK or 300 dimes in order you can use the Mastercard for “Withdrawal” in Encryptrade.

For those Skipjack Dimers who already purchase Dime from Skipjack company or Merchant you are entitle to receive the Cards only with Condition Your wallet “MUST” have above 300 Dimes. Company shall deduct 50 dimes as annual FEE from your wallet to receive the Mastercard Basic. However, those who purchased dimes through P2P transfer are not entitled to receive the MasterCard.

Stay tuned. I’ll keep you guys updated with application procedure after enncryptrade launch with other important criteria.