Skipjack Encryptrade will be the first digital currency trading platform to open sub platform for each exchanger in every country through a scheme of franchise. Skipjack is the first currency providing the sub platform to make easier of any digitalpreneurs becoming exchanger in the country without hassle to develop the software, technical team and maintenance.

Through the licensing scheme, skipjack is giving opportunity anypreneurs becoming exchanger with dedicated training program. As skipjack will have its own encrypcap according to the country it gives the size of trading volume to determine the dollar price skipjack according to country market capitalization.

In line with their plan to open the skipjack market trading on September, they are inviting participants to be our franchisee of Exchanger based on bidding.

Skipjack to Launch Sub-Platform Exchange in 4 Countries

Four countries in the region is offering to be the first exchanger and to date skipjack have received application exchanger from USA, UK, Dubai and Malaysia/Indonesia. These companies from different countries are submitting the bid for tender to get the exchanger license from skipjack from Sub Platform White Label.

Those winners will be awarded the Exchanger license on 5th June and will paying AED 100,000 license fee as Exchanger. However, as the market open by September all traders shall start trading to the region of their Exchangers.

You can apply as details are highlighted once you click on the “start your application” button above. Already, E FORTUNE SDN BHD MALAYSIA and PT E FORTUNE INDONESIA already entered the bidding for the tender to be Exchanger Skipjack in Malaysia and Indonesia. If by 3rd of June, in Asian region for Malaysia and Indonesia there is no other company in contest whereby 3 companies supposed to be in tender representing the each country to be exchanger, shall make the only applicants E FORTUNE be the winner and becoming Skipjack Exchanger in Malaysia and Indonesia this September. E Fortune may position them in competition with Luno Malaysia and Singapore and IndoDax.

The exchanger license will be signed by His Highness Prince and Group CEO of Skipjack Corporation and Launching of Exchanger official to be announced soon.