The wait is finally over as skipjack announces Encryptrade launch in MT4 trading platform for users to trade and see the real price of skipjack in world market with underlying asset as based beside demand and supply.

Every skipjack investor can finally trade their dimes with market pairs which includes, SJK/USD, SJK/EUR, SJK/GBP, SJK/JPY, SJK,CHF, SJK/AUD, SJK/BTC and lots more. However, this platform is available for the public to trade for dime.

As a skipjack investor, to access their Encryptrade MT4 platform, you need to first activate your wallet 3 for MT4 trading. Once you’ve processed that, you’ll be able to withdraw your dimes and make profits for dimes. However, this is only optional to those who wish to trade their dimes and make more profits.

How to withdraw dimes to MT4 trader platform

1. Firstly, activate your wallet 3 mt4 and withdraw your dimes from dashboard as seen in the image below.

2. After that, the admin will process your request in 24hrs and you’ll get your wallet 3 MT4 username and password as seen in the image below.

3. The dimes withdrawal request automatically goes into the skipjack system to open wallet 3 – mt4 account trading.

4. Next, download MT4 trading platform in windows desktop only (will be available for mobile and other clients soon).

5. After that, click on file and select “Open an Account” as seen in the image below.

6. Select “add new broker” and insert the server address “” and click Next, as seen in the image below.

7. After that, select the server and login and you can see your skipjack MT4 as seen in the image below.

Download Metatrader 4 on Android and iPhone

Follow the download link >> Metratrader Android, >>> Metatrader iPhone.

After download, search for broker server by name “Euromaxfx-live“, select it and login your existing details sent by Skipjack Admin.

You’re advised to change password.

Trading launched today being the 15th of October, 2018. So you can trade your dimes and make profits. By 19th December, 2018, superencryp block would be launched, however exchange platform for liquid skipjack dime to local bank would be open soon as seen in the image below.

You’re advised to activate your wallet 2 to cash out your dimes to local bank. If you have any question, feel free to let me know via comment section, don’t also forget to follow us on every social page to stay informed.