Finally, the wait is almost over as skipjack is ready to launch their Encryptrade platform which is scheduled for 15th, October 2018. However, their technical team puts the Encryptrade platform to testing mode.

Gaining Profit or Profit as much as possible from the Opportunities available in the Global digital Currency and Currency Value Movement, is the main objective of skipjack Encryptrade Forex Trading.

Someone might be a successful trader / investor by learning how to get the maximum profit. But it takes a long time and needs to fall or lose tens of times. Of course with a lot of capital spent. However, while most people tend to make the most profit and in the shortest possible time, what they have is instant learning? The important thing is that you have already done a Skipjack Demo Trading; it will make someone confident to trade Skipjack Encryptrade Forex.

There are 3 important things that are often overlooked, namely Discipline, Trading Plan, and Risk Management. Be they trade without knowledge and greed. Even tend to be Gambling. And the funds invested quickly run out without ever enjoying the results.
Based on that, Skipjack Encryptrade through its Agents tries to make a Trader / Investor to trade digital currency derivatives Forex in a healthy, planned, and knowledgeable manner. Traders / investors are expected to enjoy the results of this Skipjack Encryptrade investment in the long term.

Skipjack Live Chart demo under trial – Testing mode for Platform


This is only testing mode not a real data but it shows skipjack platform to release soon.

Skipjack is the digital currency pegged with real underlying asset and trade in hedging fund this December at MSCI World Index and major exchanges, unlike bitcoin is work like a scam without underlying asset.

Skipjack will give advantages for investors getting higher profit margin from crypto due to stable and strong underlying asset in trillion dollars market. With opening skipjack platform it will trade worldwide with alongside derivatives market.


  1. Selamat siang… Karena tidak semua member skipjackx bisa melakukan trading… Bagaimana kalo skipjackx mengadakan copy trading… Yang mana caranya tidak sesulit trading yang menggunakan chart..
    Dan untuk pembelajaran copy tradingnya bisa di share di Group. Trimakasih