Finally, the journey is begun. Skipjack, world’s first encrypcurrency releases a beta version of exchange, alongside market capitalization listing. However, full launch of exchange is set after the Bali 2018 digital world congress.

After the release of skipjack exchange, investors will be able to start liquid buy and sell in the market. The exchange would be termed “encryptrade”. Also, a platform showing market capitalization would be made known as “encrypcap”.

Encryptrade market capitalization will be based on “country encryp cap” as we have only one currency (SKJ). The case of encrypcurrency (having its own market capitalization) is totally different from coin market cap crypto, meaning every country will have their skipjack trades.

Skipjack encryptrade is integrated with superencryp security and design that cannot be hacked. This would give you maximum return better other digital currency trading platform or FX. However, open price on exchange is going to be 1$ and we expect it to moon from there.

It’s advised you purchase skipjack dime now (how to purchase skipjack dime) and wait until encryptrade is live, then you can easily trade your dime for liquid and vice versa with much more returns.