The monetary systems and technology behind it is really growing at a rapid rate, in memory of barter system to a digital globe of virtual currencies. However, this evolution of the monetary system keeps going wide as new tech accomplishment is unveiled on often basis.

In 2008, announces the birth of cryptocurrency unveiling bitcoin as its first. This was like a bubble at first, but on a long run it was a reliever to the financial industries. Bitcoin has really helped, at same time caused so much troubles to the community.

Then 2018, announces the birth of encrypcurrency unveiling Skipjack. This might sound like a bubble at first, but in no time, it would be a far more reliever. However, Skipjack was created from the weakness of bitcoin with or far more sophisticated technology. I already published an article detailing skipjack, so I advise you go through it.

Skipjack dime Encrypcurrency VS Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

  1. Skipjack dime is a centralized currency, but bitcoin is decentralized. Skipjack being centralized already tells that it would be regulated by regulators. This is a good thing, as to avoid fraud in the system. Bitcoin decentralization has really caused lot of pain in the financial industry by increasing crime rate and also altering anonymous transactions. Drug dealers, cybercriminals, assassins and others have used this as a medium of payment because they know their identity remains hidden. Skipjack dime is here for a different purpose, it’s come to create a healthy relationship with the financial industry and government, thereby being centralized and implemented KYC policies.
  2. Bitcoin is a very unstable currency and no underlying assets, however, there is much bubble due to multiple cryptocurrencies but in the case of skipjack, it would be the only encrypcurrency (no bubble) and it would of cause be very stable. In terms of bitcoin instability, this has really caused lot of panic, FUD and FOMO in its market, but it won’t be same for that of skipjack, it would bring a more stable market.
  3. Bitcoin (crypto) medium of exchange makes use of cryptography to secure its transactions, control creation of additional units and verify transfer of assets but Skipjack dime medium of exchange makes use of skipjack encryption algorithm to secure its transactions, control creation of additional units and verify transfer of assets.
  4. Bitcoin mining using video cards and questionable but clipper chipset from US NSA approved military chipset is potential of minting skipjack. This is proven as the most secured protocol used by US military since 1980.
  5. When you talk about bitcoin, terms like blockchain, decentralization, hash protocol and data currency are common, but in skipjack, we talk about voice – data currency support, new MAC protocol, centralized electronic money FCN as central bank and superencryp is made known.

Comparing technologies – Skipjack’s Superencryp Block Versus Blockchain technology

In blockchain technology which using bitcoin or cryptocurrency created by Single Hash Algorithm ( SHA 256) as message digest for hash value to do transaction with digital signature. Blockchain is not using Key Exchange Algorithm protocol and Data Security Protocol.This is making blockchain vulnerable to any attack. By the way everyone knows lot of cases bitcoin wallet and exchanges being hacked or attacked or brute force.

In the blockchain system, for any merchant or payee to verify the transaction they received and not double spent the value they are checking the hash algorithm by solving the hash equation using miner which is a mining process to create new hash value that verify the coin. This is called block confirmation.

It shows blockchain is lack of security and low speed transaction as verification system in block confirmation is taking longer time with a decentralised system.

In Skipjack a centralised system using superencrypblock technology created using Keyed Hash Message Authentication Codes (HMAC) for data transfer. In HMAC it is consist the data authentication and integrity protection which bitcoin do not have. Each HMAC hash transaction shall have a value of secret key session that stored initially in Fiestel Core Network ( FCN) with timestamp server as central bank of skipjack and the secret key bringing hash key and digital signatures authentication and value that will protect the data by generating by MacTag. This system will prevent any middle man attack.

In skipjack to verify the transaction for not to be double spent ,it was protected by an algorithm to generate HMAC value with Mactag that will done by Skipjack Fiestel Core Network ( FCN) as a central bank for skipjack.

The public community or “ Checker” will verify the transaction by generating double HMAC comparing to FCN previous HMAC to protect double spent. The “Checker” will create the hmac addressand comparing with FCN. Once it solved the transaction is verified and the process will bring you a very fast transaction compare to blockchain.

The process of “checker” will reward the public checker in the matching trade block system. Matching trade will control a process as money multiplier and supply system to demonstrate the maximum money created so the ceiling implied by the money multiplier does not impose a limit on skipjack money creation.

The Skipjack Key Exchange protocol is a encryption protocol same as your TCP IP internet protocol DES is a encryption and decryption protocol to encryp your data.Skipjack protocol will take 400 billion years to brute force and it mist secured than the DES security protocol in your internet today. So dont ever think you can hack the skipjack. If yoy think you want to hack a skipjack you will need $1 billion supercomputer that take you 40 years to break.Well it shows we are millions times better than bitcoin and blockchain

The data security protocol skipjack RC4 and 5 is another security protocol that currently using same as your computer windows and others, which no way for another brute force. With this multiple protocol security we called superencryption or “Superencryp”

By comparison of both technologies it shows skipjack is a new technology created in 2018 and versus bitcoin / cryptocurrency a technology created in 2008.

Extras on Skipjack Encrypcurrency

The winning site of course bitcoin is a pioneer in creating the best value of digital currency which today their market value reaching to $200 billion a day. However please remember that bitcoin to be accepted in the world market took 10 years before birth of skipjack.

Skipjack may another potential new technology that shall replace the bitcoin market in future and with the features of new technology may bring trust to people to use skipjack everyday including banks and government.

Skipjack is the world first platform to introduce the derivatives futures platform beside binary options which will make an easier to make a profit and bigger that crypto or forex.

Skipjack is the first concept doing FoF that is Fund of Funds concept that bring investors return more that 200% in certain period of time and it will believe to beating the market of ICOs


Skipjack, making use of the superencryp block technology makes it far more effective compared to bitcoin in transactions. Bitcoin rise if value with lower transaction speed has caused so much bubble in price during transfer. For instance, client “A” sends $20,000 to client “B”, on getting to client “B”, due to instability of bitcoin price every seconds, it may lead to increase or decrease of value in client “B” wallet. This is another weakness of bitcoin I failed to mention above, but you see it now. Skipjack is here to correct that with a faster transaction speed, 100,000 times faster than that of bitcoin and far more secured.