Are you still searching if skipjack dime is scam or legit? Are you still digging round the internet to read negative reviews about skipjack dime and encrypcurrency? Don’t be fooled, skipjack dime is no scam, 100% legit and I will explain basics you need to know about it.

You see, what comes into thick skull is “Bubbles” this sh*t is a bubble. This is exactly what happened back 2008. Then majority of internet users called bitcoin a scam. Now, they regret not taking advantage of bitcoin from the start.

Skipjack Not Bitcoin

Skipjack dime is not bitcoin; it’s a different virtual currency, created from a totally different technology. Actually, skipjack and encrypcurrency was created from the weakness of bitcoin and the only thing common between these two currencies is the fact that both curreicies are digital.

The encrypworld is still at its jet stage and soon, it’s going to skyrocket. However, we are going to be seeing various acceptance points all over the world, alongside support from companies and government. Receiving all the support we can get from global financial sectors and government, encrypcurrency and skipjack would definitely reach its peak.

Recently, I published a topic, “Skipjack VS Bitcoin” unveiling the advantage of skipjack and encrypcurrency over bitcoin. I also highlighted the fact that encrypcurrency is centralized and operates through the Fiestel core network – central bank. I also made emphasis on stability of encrypcurrency alongside with its speed on transactions.

Encrypcurrency taking over

Furthermore, I published an article revealing “superencryp block”, a technology behind encrypcurrency. Also, the skipjack algorithm has been recorded to be used by the US National Security Agency (NSA) for over 40yrs. You can check Wikipedia for reference. However, the superencryp technology is far more sophisticated than the known blockchain technology used in cryptocurrencies.

Finally, I made mentioned of encrypcurrency releasing their market platform, “Encryptrade and Encrypcap” where we can liquidate our dimes and also get to view market capitalization of skipjack and encrypcurrency based on country capitalization. I also revealed how encrypcurrency would dominate cryptocurrency in digital currency market.

Don’t fold hands saying “it’s a bubble”. Wake, and invest into the latest global opportunity. Skipjack is already reaching the world, and it would reach the surface through the Indonesia upcoming event, digital world congress. Don’t wait till it reaches its peak; Join the new era of digital currency and invest your spare cash on skipjack dime. – read full article about skipjack dime.