After announcing that they were launching an encrypblock system early 2018, Skipjack Corp finally opens SkipjackFCN (encrypblock) service for general availability. However, early investors that purchased dimes during the period of unavailability of SkipjackFCN service have got theirs transferred to their FCN wallet.

In SkipjackFCN (encrypblock), you can be able to trade cash for dime and vice versa. The Skipjack wallet lets you send dime or cash anywhere in just 0.002 seconds (which beats the speed of blockchain transactions) through their secured and reliable platform.

If you’re new to the system, you can easily register an account on SkipjackFCN via and make a one-time activation to make use of their service. They offer much lower transaction fee on transactions compared to blockchain and also beats traditional fiat currency as known.

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At the moment, you can deposit Fiat money, buy dime from trading (E1 dime- trading) or from dashboard (E0 dime FCN). Also, you can do p2p from both dime wallet and USD to any other skipjack wallet in a blink. You can check 1 millisecond your USD money transfer is received and available, view transaction send or received from dashboard. This is faster than a SWIFT or VISA to send money using Encrypblock.

Let’s anticipate more encrypbanking features from Skipjack Corp and soon, they beat crypto market capitalization in general and compete Forex market as they offer unique, reliable, faster and much more secured service compared to any digital tech out there.