Skipjack Cooperation finally kicks-off their initial coin offering (ICO) in respect to Zetanet (Blockchain 5.0 Project) for internet 2.0. However, they aim to raise about $1 Billion to fund the project.

About Zetanet

Zetanet: Blockchain 5.0 Project, is a multi-layered and authentication-enhanced scheme for information encryption based on Jack’s Law was created and its application focuses on encryption and autonomous storage. The design applied in Zetanet is to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed Jack’s Law encryption scheme, and the conceptual framework for autonomous storage that can also be applied to other applications requiring information encryption especially in the new Internet 2.0 for blockchain.

Zetanet: Blockchain 5.0 is a project of Skipjack Technology Pte Ltd, a Singapore based company that focuses on improving and liberating the internet for everyone through the application of mathematical formula called “Jack’s Law” named after Skipjack’s CEO and Founder, Professor Dr Lord Jack Rahman.

A total of 2.1 Billion token will be released in public with a starting price of $0.50 and top exchanges which includes coincodex, ICO spotters, ICO-check, ICO drops and lots more ready to blast the ICO worldwide and it also get listed on 4 major exchangers.

At this moment, news about Zetanet Public ICO already published on top media including London stock exchange, Financial Times, Shares Magazine, This is Money etc.

Acquiring the Zetanet token at early ICO stage would serve a huge benefit to investors in respect to demand and usability, we expect great increase in value. So, being part of this project and giving your support isn’t a bad idea, outside what you get from your investment, also think about the good it serves for this and future generation on launching a better phase of the internet. Read info about verifying for Zetanet ICO.