After Skipjack SJK dime hits all time record high of 8.6$ last week, it had a 20% market fall in value yesterday which took place after the drop in value of Gold. This happened after the gradually bearish market early this week, and then resulted to a sloppy fall.

Skipjack analyst announced that every sloppy drop is a sign for a bounce back to create a new all-time record high of value. So, we expect a bullish trend this week. However, there would be much trade counts as Skipjack trading competition is by the corner.

There are more demands for SJK dime recently as new products are falling in line. We also anticipate Encryp Block launch (the technology) on 16th November 2018. Also, Skipjack Asean team, E-fortune schedules a grand launch event same day as updated previously.

After encryp block launch, you can move dime to encryp block and liquidate once liquidity is open. Also, we would be able to send dimes from encryp block to mt4 and vice versa.

This alone encourages investors to own as much dime as possible. Soon, skipjack forex trading platform would be made available and serve as a better alternative to metatrader platform.