Just after the bearish trend during the week, SJK dime bounced through to create a new record high of 9.9$, which is almost accurate to the forecast by skipjack’s own analyst. However, this happened few hours the bullish trend on Gold futures market.

The Skipjack trading competition started today, being the 1st of November 2018, as more traders competing to win the Lord JACK price must have also created huge trading volume which could also lead to the breakthrough and the gold trend is another big factor.

As usual, we expect sideways or downtrend for the next few days followed by a spike down and re-bounce for a new record high of value. With this steady movement, we believe SJK dime would be valued more way that we never imagined.

We also anticipate the launch of encryp block technology by mid-month. However, this would also have a solid impact on value as it’s another product in line followed by SJK forex trading platform and lots more. For more trading signals, you can join us on our official skipjack trading group via >>> https://chat.whatsapp.com/H1MVCfJQyjO1Akoyr4dkI2