After the news of bank deal announced yesterday, SJK dime early this morning increased from 62$ to 73$ in value (+20%). However, it’s predicted that next week, SJK dime may stable at its highest peak this 2018.

Skipjack was in the discussion with one of the top Japanese commercial bank for them to use it worldwide. They have been recognised by the Indonesia magazine “Warta Ekonomi” to receive the best banking brand award for the second consecutive years and thus making the next big move to use skipjack encrypblock technology.

Skipjack CEO, alongside bank staffs

According to the CEO, Prof Dr Sir Mike Irvan announcement, the bank deals by Skipjack is to be released in Nasdaq. However, more banks will be ready to partner with Skipjack and that the company’s encrypblock product would soon enter commercial application. Although, he didn’t give a specific day, he suggested that it would happen within the next month or so.

As known, the encrypblock release is very close, 19th December 2018 and it’s planned to be used by good number of banks. We expect lots more deal and it’s no news that by 2019, dozens of banks will make use of the “EncrypBlock” product.

The Encrypblock is designed to give banks a quick and easy way to transfer sums across borders at 2 microseconds, leading to faster international transaction for their customers, potentially with lower fees. In theory, the process would see local currencies converted into SJK before being transferred overseas and then converted into local currency at the other end.

SJK dime may surface another 40 to 50% increase in value before the end 2018. It’s advised you buy more dime now because after encryp block release, a bull run is likely to be seen. SJK dime as of the time of publishing is 73$ per dime and likely to hit the top soon.