Last week, most stocks had a bearish trend as US dollar continue to gain value. However, SJK maintained a slow steady bull trend as demand for dime increased due to the #SkipjackGoesToFintech trend on social media, and finally hit an all-time new record high of 512$ and then stables back to 32$ at exactly 2am GMT+1 after market opens this week as seen in the chart below.

Within few minutes of market volatility, some of our whale traders got injured during the process and some fish traders got killed. Notwithstanding the fact the market is all about wins and loss, traders need to always watch out for the stop loss functionality to avoid incurring huge loss and open opportunity for big win.

This week, we expect more of bullish trend as there is more demand on dime due to the #SkipjackGoesToFintech trend. However, the Indonesia Fintech event is scheduled from 5th to 7th of December 2018. Skipjack’s own chief scientist, Dr, Sir Mike Irvan will be a keynote speaker for new technology on future payment, “EncrypBlock” during Fintech Show 2018 after the Minister of Finance.

For more info about the Indonesia fintech show, you can visit there official site via Navigate to conference and download conference Agenda.

Skipjack is presenting not just EncrypBlock to Fintech but also the Zetanet (Internet 2.0) to the public. This would defiantly pull up the price of SJK dime as very huge demand is expected to come in after we go to Fintech.