The skipjack first beta version of the Encryp Block (wallet 1) platform will be launch in Nov 16. It will start its own encrypcurrency transaction by the time. This update called Zetanet Encryp 1.0 or Superencryp Block platform and will come with many benefits that will make the SJK dimes encrypcurrency more powerful, useful and valuable.

Not final image (beta phase)
Not final image (beta phase)

When the Zetanet Encryptrade (the exchanger) (wallet 2) launches it will no longer be limited by the skipjack network which it currently relies on now. On its own encrypblock it will be able to expand its capabilities massively to crypto market mainnet or coinmarket and fiat markets.

In other words you can see skipjack dimes in coinmarketcap and you can see also cryptocurrency in encryp dime marketcap.

Skipjack Zetanet mainframe will be able to connect and integrate with all blockchain mainnet nodes vice versa and it will make both currency valuable and scaling up and high liquidity.

Skipjack Exchanger which is the Wallet 2 (Zetanet Encryptrade) will be available in all worldwide bitcoin exchanger and crypto exchanger beside to convert to fiat currency by April 2019. It means by April 2019 all skipjack dimers that hold skipjack can convert their dime to bitcoin or cryptocurrency and exchange their dimes into crypto exchanger worldwide.

For all bitcoin or crypto investor also can use their crypto wallet to buy dimes and sell dimes in Encryptrade market cap

Imagine if ICO coins or token is not valuable in the coinmarket cap but when Encryptrade open they are allow to listing their ICO coin in the Encryptrade Marketcap or dime market.

This is something strange right? It is a technological breakthrough by Skipjack. Who would have thought Superencryp Block technology would be able to connect and make a switch on Blockchain!

This is because skipjack technology is the latest technology. Skipjack technology is specially designed using HMAC and Key Exchange Algorithm (KEA) is today’s latest encryption technology comparable to today’s internet technology.

Contrary to technology blockchain which is quite 10 years behind the Skipjack technology. This is dreams come true for all everyone in the world to see their dime valuable and become most liquidity. With this strategy, dime can reach $1000 in value after the integration and soon beat bitcoin in value and defiantly overall market capitalization.

Lastly, the greatness of Skipjack will apply by summarizing skipjack market to the crypto market and it is amazing.

In fact, Skipjack can only set up its own market like how apple has built its own marketplace 30 years ago without the need to join Microsoft windows but this requires a long process.

With technological advances in the latest century, skipjack develops a financial technology that can combine with any technology like today’s hybrid technology.

Therefore the skipjack technology protocol allows entering the blockchain protocol.

Skipjack is not like any other. If other ripple, ethereum and crypto use the same technology in the same platform and they have a big market right now. Then Skipjack took the opportunity to build a dime market to join the crypto market to raise market dime in the world. This will accelerate the dime market to the world faster.

This is the greatest strategy of Skipjack to conquer the world’s financial markets. As well as like when Samsung conquers the smartphone market from apple.

In other words the Encryptrade market caps is similar provide a service like an alternative market (AIM) in London Stock Exchange but it is in digital currency.

Benefits as a Skipjack Investor?

So what’s the benefit of us? So we as a supporter of skipjack market should be amazed and proud of how the greatness of skipjack technology that began in the march has moved faster than others. And in less than 7 months skipjack already has a trading platform and just waiting for the liquid market to exchanger and bank this April.

In fact, on the other hand, bitcoin needs 5 years to get the trust exchanger and bitcoin exchanger since 2016 to start actively to penetrate a lot of market disbursements through exchanger assignments to state banks and to apply for a disbursement permit to a local bank. It means the exchange work is not bitcoin or work from ethereum or ripple work. It is the exchanger’s work.

Unlike skipjack , where skipjack helps skipjack exchanger to deal with disbursements to local banks. For example, Efortune as an asean exchanger will have a MOU with a state bank or Luno or Indodax for the liquid exchanger task should be.

But skipjack through the latest technology simplifies the disbursement task by creating an encryption block technology block joining the blockchain and accelerating the next april launch.

Although we feel a bit longer waiting but this is better than the other. Surely dime market grows fast.

Imagine you’re the earliest investor from January this year with a $ 10,000 investment in January to have 140,000 dime and imagine $ 20 worth of dime in April so that when the exchanger is open in April you can exchange $ 2.8 million dollars of current dime value to the bitcoin market. And your dime value turns to bitcoin worth $ 2.8 million equivalent.

So you have no problem to liquid all of your dime in the wallet bitcoin to which exchanger all over the world.

Touch Skipjack technology!

Use this opportunity to increase your dime via MT4 and MT5 Skipjack so you will collect skipjack as much as possible to liquid in April.

Also buy Skipjack as much as you can and as much as you can to change your finances. Opportunity is open.

So on the other hand, the skipjack dime market will also be able to accept all ICO tokens that failed in the crypto market but can be for listing to the dime market. So with these two markets it become a bigger digital currency market.

So keep in mind that your Dime will be a bitcoin

And your Bitcoin becomes a Dime. So, I advise you buy as much dime as possible today to avoid the “regret story”. Don’t miss the train.


  1. Saya yakin, pergerakan dime positif ke depan seiring pangsa pasar yang semakin baik.
    Skipjack semakin jaya di masa mendatang.