It’s was an amazing event so far as skipjack introduces the encryp block and Zetanet technology as the future financial technology in Indonesia. However, during the event, a lot happened which includes, Skipjack and E-fortune partnership, meeting with Minister of finance and Governor Cenbank for skipjack integration in the financial system and lots more.

Below are some images we managed to capture during the event. I advise you also scan through the headlines of the images for better understanding.

Images of Skipjack booth

Skipjack booth

Skipjack CEO, Sir Mike Irvan discusses Skipjack technology with Minister of ICT Triana Rudiantara at IFS2018

Skipjack and E-fortune partnership started with both CEOs signing MOU

Meeting with Minister of Finance and Governor of Cenbank Indonesia

Skipjack CEO, Keynote speech about Skipjackencrypcurrency and Zetanet (the Internet 2.0) at Fintech Indonesia

Panellists discussed the future of Financial Technology in Indonesia 

Skipjack asean team leaders with few other members

The event was indeed a great one. However, it’s just a tip of an iceberg compared to what we expect to happen during the main encryp block launch event that will take place on 19th December 2018. I already published a post about the event, so I advise you go through it and don’t miss out just in case you missed this.