As known, skipjack now trades on forex metatrader 4 platform. However, you can monitor the real-time value of SJK dime using mt4 platform. It’s also observed that most times the trend signal is similar with that of Gold futures.

Skipjack reaches an All-time record High of $8.6

After few days of bearish and sideways market, skipjack uptrends this week to create an all-time record high of 8.6$ per dime. This happened after the recent bullish trend on Gold future market. We expect a little bearish and range trends in the next couple of days because of resistance, afterwards another bullish trend for a new record. Also, with the new line of Skipjack’s product to be released this November, its expected SJK dime creates another new record on uptrend.

According to our Skipjack analyst, price of SKJ dime is predicted to touch 12$ coming December 2018. However, this forecast has been confirmed possible by other experts trading dime on forex. However, dimers would be able to cash out dime to local banks once exchanger is unveiled.

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