Skipjack is finally surfaced as the first encrypcurrency yet to hit global market and dominate cryptocurrency and our traditional fiat currency. The technology behind this currency would keep you rolling on ground; however, being the first of its kind opens a huge opportunity for early investors to take advantage.

In this article, I will quickly brief you guys on how to setup a skipjack account and purchase their dime. If you missed our previous articles, I believe it would interest you to go through them.

Purchasing Skipjack dime

  1. Firstly, register a skipjack account. “Register here”.
  2. After that, sign in your email and password. As seen below.
  3. Once you are signed in, you get to the dashboard menu.
  4. Net, click on the drop-down menu and click “package”.
  5. Select the package you wish to purchase. Package offer ranges from 25$ – $25000.
  6. Select payment option and hit deposit address button, so you would be provided with payment address.
  7. Next, for instance, you are using bitcoin to pay, copy the bitcoin address shown to you after you hit “deposit address”, and make payment to the address. After you’ve made payment, an empty field is provided and file upload option is also available. You provide the field with your bitcoin address you sending payment from and also a proof for payment.
  8. Hit submit button.

The above content explains a step to step process to easily purchase skipjack dime. So I believe you already learned this. If you encounter any difficulty during any of the process, the comment section is available for you. Feel free to share this update with friends and social media fans.