As we anticipate the launch of Skipjack exchanger for liquidity and also encrypt block, E-fortune being the winner of Skipjack exchanger license, Malaysia schedules a grand launch event in respect to Skipjack exchanger launch, encryp block and Meta trader worldwide for skipjack Asean.

The launch event is scheduled for 19th December 2018, and it’s taking place in Sheraron Hotel Surabaya Hall which is located at Surabaya – City of Trading from 10am prompt to 11pm, below image details information in regards to the event.

Skipjack Asean Grand Launch by E-fortune

This event is sponsored by E-fortune exchanger and Skipjack Asean. However, seats is limited to 500 people and forum which would take place at morning session costs 100$ as the forum discuss about Encryp block which would be attended by the experts in the industries.

To participate for the event, simply register your name and give full name and proof of id to email and mention in Email “ Register for Grand Launch”. Once company receive email, they will issue you a ticket.

Please register earlier as they have seat limited and member of press and TV station will be more to come with representative from government and banks. Those last minute we will not entertain.