In space of 24hrs, SJK Dime smashed through new records as a resulting to a massive bullish breakout for SJK Dime. However, we were thinking that after the new record last night, it would trend sideways but no, it smashed through again.

The Skipjack/USD (SJK/USD) pair went as low as $6.40 on October 31, 2018. At that price point, the market was down by over 90% from the 2018 high of $8.60. End-October, it looked as if Skipjack/USD had more downside potential as it breached parabolic support of $6.00.

However, price started to stabilize largely due to extreme gold market conditions. With bears suffering from extreme exhaustion, bottom pickers and bargain hunters swooped in and brought the market back up to $11.40. More importantly, the surge in demand catalysed the breakout from the large falling wedge on the daily chart.

The breakout looks valid as the pair was pushed by volume that’s over 200% of its daily average. As a result, we can see the RSI breakout from its resistance, which has kept the market bearish since 28 October 2018. With these developments, we can say that SJK/USD is out of Bear County.

As predicted last March the value of dime will surpassed $10. To all the investors who listen to our prediction and bought more dimes are rewarded. We know that our dime and encryp block will be integrating to the blockchain by April next year and will make dimes convertible into other digital currency such as bitcoin. It will make our dime more valuable when this integration and the market exchange opens.

We are predicting by the time, the value of dime will be above $100 and it will reach the coin market cap and dime market cap. The global ex changer will be connected and those now listen to our forecast will earn the reward. It is now time to buy the dime and plot trades in MT4 to give your dime value before it hits $100 by April.

The decision is yours and we already give u a dime price prediction by our analyst.