Recently, we’ve received lot of updates in regards to Encrypcurrency and skipjack. The pressure on demand in the Encrypcurrency market is mind-blowing as new investors along with old investors keeps striving to own a dime.

Company is already making preparation to launch the Encryptrade and matching trade app. However, Skipjack already reveals her MasterCard for withdrawal at Encryptrade. This MasterCard would be connected to our encrypwallet and price determinant to what we have at Encryptrade.

As known, Skipjack is peer-to-peer network and digital encrypcurrency first introduced in 2018. It is centralized and managed by Fiestel Core Network (FCN) as banking authorities. Among other benefits, Skipjack allows users the option to make financial transactions at lower fees (current 0.5%) than the traditional online payment mechanisms.

As a user, skipjack are helpful in facilitating financial transactions with minimal fees. Available to both regular and new users looking to invest in Skipjack, all users are able to buy or sell Skipjack from established Skipjack exchanges starting this year in October. Since skipjack can be converted into a number of different fiat currencies, companies offer users a seamless method of converting your skipjack into fiat money, and vice versa. Skipjack enable you to make transactions to merchants for goods purchases, which make it an enticing opportunity to those who believe Skipjack has a bright future.

Benefits of Investing into Skipjack

  1. Expected Gains Are More Than Expected Losses

The potential gain in SJK is more than the potential loss; and this is because several digital currency analysts have speculated that skipjack could become a global currency in the future though it is very hypothetical.

If this becomes reality, then it will stimulate international trade all around the world. In turn, economists have speculated that the price would hike to 20,000 times its value, which will make each $1 worth of current SJK would (hypothetically) be worth $20,000 in the future. However, this will only happen if skipjack was recognized as legal tender for both international and domestic trade.

This forecast is one made by experts who believe that investing in skipjack will deliver a $200 return for each dollar you invest. Though this is just a prediction to its centralized nature, it is not impossible to expect these kinds of profits because the rewards are expected to be higher when trading commodities.

  1. Provides Interest On Your Investment

Skipjack is currency and considered as commodity money, so when you hold skipjack, you can invest them in the same way you might invest in a business with fiat money. Like fiat currency, you’ll generate interest on this investment as well, so holding some Skipjack can allow you to invest them and earn interest on the same. Moreover, you can receive good returns at increased prices on your investment too as time elapses.

  1. Easy Access

With Skipjack, you are not required to tie your money up in long-term plans to make a profit and you can make a profit in a short space of time depending on how much money is being transferred through the Skipjack network. As such, you can simply invest in them and use the interest generated for your daily transactions like purchasing groceries, which means you get instant access to your money for your financial transactions even though it’s invested.

In short, buying Skipjack in 2018 will appear to be a good move for some as it is likely to further increase in value and popularity, so it’s worth keeping an eye on its development throughout the year for a great investment opportunity.