Adoi is a multifaceted voice and text messaging app that’s fast, secure and interactive. The application is powered by Skipjack’s Encrypblock, users can expect faster and more secure communication with anyone, anywhere in the world.

Recently, I installed the @doi chat application on my mobile and desktop devices, connected with Sir Irvan mike, Skipjack’s CEO and we engaged in a brief discussion about adoi. Throughout the time spent, adoi never disappointed in communication process. Voice call on adoi better than my normal local calls at home and even far better than whatsapp or telegram calls. I can tell how whatsapp calls could be disappointing most times for international calls, but adoi brings to table something better. I also tested video call on adoi and I can attest to the ultra-high quality experienced.

It doesn’t just end there. Adoichat is something that would revolutionize social media in so many ways outside taking social messaging to the next level. In this article, I’ll be briefing you on various ways adoi could revolutionize social media.

How Adoichat will Revolutionize Social Media?

As known, social media is an ever-evolving and this year has already seen some major revolutionary changes and is expected to have some game-changing shifts that will in true meaning, change the face and meaning of social media. However, I believe with the below functionalities adoichat brings to the table, revolutionizing social media is certain.


Adoichat plans to take e-commerce to the next level. Simply take your business online and communicate with your target market directly through adoi’s dedicated and fully-encrypted e-commerce feature. Imagine a social chat that can easily get you connected to a marketplace and get you connected in a simple click and simplified interface. This is one of the major things we need to revolutionize social media, and we can get that with adoi.

Payment Solution

In social media experience today, poor payment facilitation have been a big problem. Adoichat won’t just serve as payment gateway as wechat pay, but it will also integrate mobile banking allowing users to connect to e-commerce and businesses online. However, payment solution to be made available includes crypto payment and encrypcurrency. So, dimers get ready to have bank online through adoi.

EncrypBlock and Zetanet Integration

Recently, we’ve seen lot of happenings and revolution in today’s technology. Adoichat, just as said earlier, is connected to Skipjack’s encrypblock technology that is backed by two high-grade encryption algorithms (HMAC and KEA) to ensure that no data within the Encrypblock ecosystem can be tampered or changed. With Encrypblock at its core, users can securely and quickly share files and multimedia, chat and even do video conferencing anywhere in the world.

Also, in future, adoichat gets the Zetanet integration, and we won’t need Google, Youtube or any other media to connect the world. We will have internet of things integrated on adoi. We get to connect with every information and business on one medium, adoi.

Wealth Creation

This is another interesting aspect about adoichat. Unlike other social media where companies and businesses benefits alone, adoi brings users wealth creation. How this is done? Adoi gives every user, be it a firm or an individual an opportunity to make money from it. You create a channel, get advertisement opportunities and earn huge profit.

For Forex traders, adoichat presents crypto, fiat and dime currency trading platform where we can trade various currencies and make profit trading. There are other income revenue streams provided by adoi to users.

Secure and Private Communication

Adoi provides users with a meticulously engineered and fully encrypted (end-to-end), @DOI platform ensures that all your communications are secure and inaccessible to anyone but you. Your privacy matters to adoi. Their platform is equipped with end-to-end encryption which ensures that all transferred data and files are secure and inaccessible to anyone but you. All rooms and conversations within the @DOI platform can be customized with different layers of confidentiality: public, private or invite-only.

With the above points, adoichat will easily evolve social media experience in a grand style. Firms and individuals will connect easily, same as family and friends and with these interactions within, connectivity, information media and transactions that is what makes social media a better world.

Guess what?

Are you an investor? You can become a shareholder with adoi. You can purchase adoishare at this time. However, this opportunity is open for a limited time. For more information on how to become a shareholder with adoi, contact their support via

We anticipate adoi application launch on April 23rd in Singapore and application would be available in application stores from June 2019. Users that participated in Zetanet ICO can request to use application prototype at this time. To know more about Zetanet ICO, you can read this article on why you should participate in ZTN ICO.