Few weeks ago (as of the day of publishing this content), adoichat launched in Singapore and today we can download adoi messenger on android devices from playstore.

Adoi as a product of Skipjack cooperation features the best high quality and video chat compared to any other messaging application with no interruption. The voice quality on adoi beats that of GSM, no barrier, meaning adoichat can be used in all country to make calls or videos including UAE, Saudi, and China which don’t allow some apps working in their country.

The adoi messenger also provides users with highly encrypted system for your device which even WhatsApp messenger do not provide. This means your adoi can’t be hacked and messages are fully secured. If you don’t turn on encryption in group chat, they won’t be able to read your message. This simply means I can publish a group message exempting some people to read.

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Skipjack cooperation in no time also plans on integrating mobile payment, banking and ecommerce on adoi for fiat and digital currencies. According to developers, integration is to be implemented Q4 2019 or before then.

Where to download Adoi for Android devices?

You can download adoi messenger for android on Google playstore. Here’s the direct playstore link >> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=im.adoi

After download, you create an account. Use your favourite nickname to create an account. However, at this moment your email and phone number isn’t required but would be in future. Once account created, you can then sign in.

Grant adoi access to your contacts and any other prompt. Also, to search a friend, make use of the (+) sign as seen below, then click “Start chat” and insert your friend’s username.

Also, to find public forums on adoi, simply tap the hash (#) button and you see list of forums in directory.

We are still in early phase of adoi, and soon it becomes popular as we expect sophisticated features in adoi, encrypbanking, trading and most especially the new internet, Zetanet to be integrated.