Skipjack Co-operation, an internet company recently announces the launch of @doi messenger which is said to be released Q2 2019. However, the said social media messaging app is said to replace the recent Whatsapp messenger which would comparably make it the number one messaging tool in no time.

As known, due to emerging concern of security and privacy, users are looking for the best alternative for whatsapp, or may I say replacement. The adoi app is a secured messaging tool that will defiantly keep your data away from hackers and packed with a bunch of excellent features better than Whatsapp. The application can be used completely anonymously and enabled for an encrypt end-to-end encryption for all messages, group chats and media files.

Features of Adoi Messenger

Secure messaging app | encryp cryptography encryption | Prevent backdoor access | write text and send voice messages | Share videos, pictures an, locations | Supports any type of file | Group support | Conduct polls | Use skipjack as anonymous | First in the world Mobile Marketplace and Ecommerce | Group Video Call like Skype | Download for iOS |
Android | Windows | Web | Wallet for Skipjack Encrypcurrency | Mobile payment | E commerce |

Skipjack @doi Messaging version
Real-time Chat App More than WhatsApp to be released June 2019

Target Features

➢ One touch voice and video conferencing.
➢ Hold one-to-one conversations or a group of users, there is really no limit.
➢ Join or drop ongoing group calls in a room without needing an invite or disturbing it.

➢ Communicate with your team and out of network colleagues more efficiently: use dedicated rooms which persist information from their creation and forever.
➢ Forget group emails: join or create rooms per topic, per team, per event… Decide the level of transparency you want to provide across the organization or project.
➢ Cut through the noise by creating notifications that are customized by you and for you.
➢ Grab the attention of your colleague by calling out their name and don’t miss a thing with keyword alerts.
➢ Deploy bots for fun or practical use with our integrations store.

➢ Send, receive and view files while in line with the conversation.
➢ Quick drag-and-drop feature for fast sharing.
➢ Preview before download or just view on App.
➢ Files are archived, like the messages: find them in the file list panel of a room, or by searching by filename.

End to end Encryption
➢ All files and data transferred over App can be encrypted end-to-end, meaning no one can eavesdrop on conversations, including the service provider.
➢ Choose to host your data yourself or on our own secure servers.
➢ All rooms and conversations can be configured with different levels of confidentiality: public to anyone, limited to a team or fully private and invite-only.
Social Media Platform
➢ A Social media or network that similar to Facebook
➢ Every can post, comments, share their ideas and etc.
➢ With integration to messaging
➢ Real-time chat and call to friends
➢ With security and privacy to user data.

Target Platform
➢ Web Browser – (google chrome, Firefox, opera, Safari, Internet Explorer)
➢ Windows App
➢ Android App
➢ IOS App

Technology Skipjack
➢ ElectronJS
➢ Java Android
➢ Swift IOS
➢ ReactJS & Redux
➢ Matrix Server (hold the overall backend and real-time communication engine)

➢ Ubuntu Server (for web app)

What else you should know?

The adoi messenger can make you money unlike whatsapp. As a premium user, you’d make more money as a group admin as adoi allows up to 100k users on a group chat, so allowing a company advert on your group as an admin makes you more penny. In addition, the admin, operator and trader get bonus cash in wallet 5. However, you’re aware that the wallet integration as one of adoi premium features makes lot of sense.

The adoi messenger would be enable mobile banking, get you connected to e-commerce and marketplace. For privacy, you also see the proxy and VPN features, alongside with block and unblock option.

Feed your eyes with test videos

Adoi messenger Platform Preview

Let’s anticipate!!!